RFQ for : Gold Dore Bars, posted by Importer from South Africa
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BUY : Gold Dore Bars

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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
17 Dec 2011
South Africa

Buy Lead Details


We are direct buyers of gold dore bars and we require a full FCO for the offer. We only do CIF procedures and our bank instrument is SBLC / MT 799, suppliers must export no money upfront.

Please contact me if anyone have offers.

Kind regards

Contact : M*****


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Wholesale demand for : Gold Bullion, Dust (RFQ / Buylead from Croatia)
22 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We seeking seller of gold bullion and dust, we are buyer representative. If suppliers have gold please send us SCO with prices based on CIF. Our refinery is in Hamburg.


Contact : Branko*******   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from United Arab Emirates)
22 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We would like to import gold bars. Please provide us the price for gold bars along with terms of payment and delivery to Dubai.

Thank you,


Contact : M****   

18 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We are interested to import raw gold bars/nuggets 22+ and 24 carats. Our requirement 1000 per month 1000x12 =12, 000 kg per year on a contract basis and would the quantity if the seller is capable to supply.

We would like to do a trial shipment of 10kg and would continue to buy 1000kg per month. No advance or upfront payment will be made pof via mt799 or on d/a terms of payment to pay within 72 hrs from the issuance of the final assay report.

After the successful performance of the trial shipment buyer will visit the site and would discuss matters to finance the future shipments.


Contact : Tuan Bago********   

18 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We have buyers for gold dore bars/dust and please quote us CIF terms. If you are a direct seller or direct to seller please contact at our email id.


Contact : B****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from Saudi Arabia)
18 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We are interested in purchasing gold bars. We are searching for good supplier of gold bars for Singapore, Dubai and South Africa.

Kindly send your best offer at the earliest.

Contact : Abdu*******   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bar Bullion (RFQ / Buylead from India)
16 Nov 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to buy gold bar bullion in metric tons. Suppliers please send your SCO to us.

Thank You!

Contact : Rajen*****   

29 Oct 2011
Dear Sir,

We have an enquiry to buy gold nugget or gold bars for 20 kg per month. First we need MT799 stock confirmation from sellers bank to our bank by swift MT799 and then we will confirm via MT103/23 to sellers bank by swift.

If suppliers can do the same kindly send us an offer to us on our e-mail.

Contact : Mb Abdul*****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bar (RFQ / Buylead from India)
24 Oct 2011

We need gold bar of about 1000 mt to 10, 000 mt of about 1 kg bar to 12.5 kg bar. Payment will be through bank to bank and we need SKR report after that we will give our bank letter with loi reply soon.

Thanking You

Contact : Tridip*********   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from India)
19 Oct 2011

We need gold bars of about 1000 mt to 10, 000 mt of about 1 kg bar to 12.5 kg bar. Payment procedure is bank to bank and we need SKR report, after that we will give our bank letter with LOI. Please reply soon with the offer.

Thanking You

Contact : Tridip*********   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from Bulgaria)
30 Sep 2011

I would like to buy bars of 24 k and 99,9 of Gold. Would like 50 kilos every 15 days for the next 12 months. I will pay on cash. I must have a contract to guarantee the availability, purity and price of gold.

I want 12% discount of the price of Gold in NY. I am waiting for the offers.

Best regards

Contact : Korfias******   

21 Sep 2011

We are interested in getting offers for Au Gold nuggets, dust or/in form of bars. Our requirement is of 22K min. purity 92% or more.

Request CIF prices from the suppliers.


Contact : Dr Robert Anthony Pel*******   

21 Sep 2011
Dear Sir,

We would like to purchase gold nuggets, gold bars, gold dust. These should be of minimum 92% purity. We want the delivery on Frankfurt international airport (customs) and payment will be made through bank transfer. We need a small quantity initially,


Contact : Jose*****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Dust and Bar (RFQ / Buylead from India)
19 Sep 2011

We are interested to buy 50 kg to 200 kg or more per month on CIF India, Dubai and Antwerp. Only real seller may contact us with their offer on my email id.

Contact : Surinder********   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars And Dust (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
23 Aug 2011
Dear Sir,

We are regularly sourcing gold suppliers on behalf of a buyer-client of mine. If suppliers are interested, please contact me for more information and send FOB price.

Much obliged and thank you, in advance, for the response.

Best regards,

Contact : S*****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from India)
27 Jul 2011
Dear Sir,

We are regularly interested to buy gold bars. Let me have your best offer with discount. Our transaction will be through Bank to Bank. Please provide me full details.

Thanking You Sir

With Best Regards.

Contact : K V R***   

21 Jul 2011

I want fine 1 kg gold and 10 kg silver in bars in minimum quantity to start the trade. I want them in containers in Maharashtra.

Payment will be made on delivery but the supplier will bear the custom duty cost and any other cost if required.

Thank you


Contact : Ni****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Bars (RFQ / Buylead from India)
17 Jun 2011
Dear Sir,

We are interested in purchasing gold bar more than kg. Packing depends on the suppliers and all the payments will be made through RTGS.

Contact : Jay******   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Dust, Nuggets, Bars (RFQ / Buylead from United Kingdom)
15 Jun 2011
I am a mandated representative of an United Kingdom commodities company. I require serious raw gold sellers / miners who have the financial ability to perform full CIF transactions with no up-front payments direct to one of the top 5 world refineries.

Commodity: AU Gold dust/nuggets/bars

Purity: Minimum 92% or plus (22 carat or plus)

Price: Negotiable, to apply for each kilo of pure gold returned by the refinery, via CIF terms.

Quantity: 5kg trial shipment, seller's choice, followed by a monthly long term contract subject on seller's capabilities

Delivery: CIF London, UK. Seller or his representative to accompany the goods, and will witness all the processes. Payment in full via BWT (Bank Wire Transfer). Sellers expenses will be reimbursed after final assay.

Assay: Final assay to be made at buyers refinery in London.

Payment: Within 24 hours via BWT (Bank Wire Transfer) to the seller's bank account upon insurance of satisfactory assay report from refinery.

Sellers obligation: No Banking instrument will be issued. POF and Proof of Payment will be via a direct letter from the refinery to the actual seller stating that the refinery will buy all the gold from the buyer and therefore payment is guaranteed. Export taxes, freight cost, insurance, and all expenses during exportation to the buyer destination (LHR). No request for upfront payments will be made to the buyer. These costs should be incorporated into the KG cost of the gold.

Buyer obligation: All duties taxes, documentation costs, customs clearance, VAT taxes, taxes in airport of destination and security transport from airport to the refinery, is for the account of the buyer.

Summary: We do not travel or pay any upfront expenses such as export taxes, duties or documentation costs, accommodation etc. Buyer is prepared to reimburse the sellers air ticket & accommodation costs after the final assay.

If you are prepared to do CIF under this condition then contact me for more details and a copy of the buyers SPA / Refinery guarantee verbiage. If possible I request a FCO matching this procedure.

Thank you.

Contact : Ross*****   

Wholesale demand for : AU Bullion (RFQ / Buylead from India)
30 May 2011
Dear Sir,

I have a requirement and the buyer is from US, looking for Gold Bullions. Please send me the FCO.

Procedure: Only Swiss Procedure.


Thanks and Regards,

Contact : Srikanth*****   

Wholesale demand for : Gold Dust/Nuggets/Bars (RFQ / Buylead from Russian Federation)
23 May 2011
Buyer will pay best price for gold dust/bars with delivery to Brink's depository in airport Geneva (Switzerland).

Payment for the gold at the exit of the finished product bank bullion with discount 13%: including 1% for the work of the plant, 1% tax, 1% branding, 2% for the intermediaries. (For example: now gold price is 48'600 USD per kg Buyer will pay 42282 USD for each gold kg).

Buyer agree for every week or month gold delivery to Brink's in Geneva airport. Buyer agree that we can start with small first trial 100 - 500 kg.

If you want work with us, you are welcome.

We can buy all gold you have with best price for not bank gold. Please think about this. Thank you.


Contact : Alexander***********   




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